Camping at Bucks Pocket State Park in Alabama

Our first trip of the 2022 season was down to Bucks Pocket State Park in Alabama. Mat found this place using his AllStays app. The campsites looked nice and he saw that it had a waterfall, so how can you go wrong? He always finds the best places to stay. 

It was a nice drive through the country roads to get there, then you enter the park and start heading down into the pocket.  The roads getting in are a little steep and curvy, but we had no problems pulling our trailer.  It may be a little tricky for larger rigs, but definitely not impossible. 

Once you get down into the canyon, there is a creek flowing through, which was right in the backyard of our campsite. 

This campground was recently renovated in 2021 and has 23 nice large level campsites. 13 of those (the ones along the creek) are full hookup.  We camped at site #9 down at the end. There were only a couple other campers there when we arrived, and for a while we had the whole place to ourselves (the beauty of camping during off season). 

Once checked in, we asked about firewood. The ranger told us he could sell us some, but there is a whole pile of driftwood down there that we are welcome to pick through. We are all about scavenging for free wood!


Once we got our campsite all set up, we went to go explore the trails in the park. The main trail (with the waterfall) is accessible right from the campground. There are a couple other hikes we did the next day that we had to drive to. 

The waterfall hike was amazing. You hike along the creek, over the creek, to the waterfall, then up to the top of the bluff which has beautiful views. You can also drive to the top of the bluff, but we prefer the more adventurous, scenic way. Then you head back down the same way you went up. That hike was only about 2 miles long, a little bit of a challenge going up, but so rewarding.

The other hikes in the park were up the hill a bit so we drive to those. Those were short and sweet, and you can go off trail a bit to explore even more.  Lots of cool rock formations. 


Our last night there it rained a LOT. We woke up early the next morning and the creek was just roaring! Mat went to take a walk and check it all out, since there is a road out that goes right over the creek, and if it’s covered, you’re not supposed to drive on it. Well….. it was covered. Luckily, once we were all packed up and ready to leave, the water had receded so we were good to go. Not that we’d be upset if we were stuck in this beautiful place another day! 

Overall, we absolutely loved this park and highly recommend it. There was no cell service, but the Wi-Fi worked great (until more people came, then it slowed down a bit). So five stars for Bucks Pocket State Park in Alabama! A hidden gem for sure. 


Once we left Bucks Pocket, we stopped to see a waterfall that our friend had told us about called High Falls. It’s about 20 minutes away. Wow this one was fierce! So much power. You don’t want to miss this one if you are out this way. 

High Falls Park

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our trip down to Alabama. If you have any questions or comments, send us a message!