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Our Last Camping Trip of 2022 – Part 1: Apple River Canyon State Park

Our last camping trip of 2022 was at Apple Canyon River State Park, then Backbone State Park in Iowa. This video is part one at Apple Canyon, which is in Northwestern Illinois. We had been there before when we first started dating, so we were excited to go back to camp and explore more of it. Camping in the fall is a little different with the cooler temps – find out why!

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Take a Solo Hike with Mat at Salt Lick Trails Nature Reserve near St. Louis

Mat had a chance to get a hike in on a business trip in August. He hiked 5+ miles at Salt Lick Trails Nature Reserve which is on the Illinois side of the river about 30 minutes south of St. Louis. He found it was a good day hike with lots of inclines and good views. It would make a good travel stop hike with a large parking area for any size rig. Check it out and tell us what you think!

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Camping in Central Wisconsin and High Cliff State Park

Over the summer we headed up to Central Wisconsin and camped on our friend Gail’s property with a few friends.
Afterwards we headed over to High Cliff State Park and camped there for a few days. What a great park! The sites are large and wooded, and the hiking was awesome.

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Camping at Bucks Pocket State Park in Alabama

Our first trip of the 2022 season was down to Bucks Pocket State Park in Alabama. Mat found this place using his AllStays app. The campsites looked nice and he saw that it had a waterfall, so how can you go wrong? He always finds the best places to stay.

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